Brands I love & use

Here you’ll find some of my favorite day-to-day items. I love quality, eco-friendly products and am meticulous about what I put on or in my body. From toxin-free makeup to air and water purifiers, here are a few brands in particular that I really love.

These brands have high quality standards, safe ingredients, and are serious game changers for living a vital joyful healthy life.

For full transparency, as an affiliate in some of these companies, I may be compensated on product sales. I’ve indicated my relationship with each brand below.

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Beautycounter: Make-up and lotions that are safe, toxin free and what I personally use. Beautycounter’s commitment to clean and effective products is incredible. (I am an affiliate)

IQ Air: Web:
Clean air is essential to your health. I feel better knowing my family isn’t being exposed to pollutants when I use IQ Air products in my home. (I am an affiliate)
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Berkey Water: These are the water filters I used to use when I was renting. These filters keep any pollutants or other harmful bacteria out of your water. Please throw out the Brita and do yourself and your family a favor and drink clean water. (I am an affiliate)

Annmarie:  Moisturizers and skin care that smells and tastes delicious! Yes you could eat it because it’s all natural! Take the Skin Score quiz for recommendations based on your skin. Made with wildcrafted and organic ingredients that will nourish your skin. I love their Clean Beauty Trial (I am an affiliate)

Clearlight Sauna: A favorite detox tool of mine and what I sit in every day! What better way to relax AND benefit your health at the beginning or end of your day than to take a sauna. EMF free and low toxicity compared to other saunas. (I am an affiliate)

Lactation Lab: “What’s in your Breastmilk?” It’s like a nutritional label for your breastmilk! Just as important as knowing what’s going into your body is knowing what nutrients and toxins (YUCK!) you’re sharing with your baby. (I am an affiliate)
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EnergyBits: These are a great snack! They’ll give you a boost of natural energy without caffeine or harmful chemicals. I love the Chlorella and Spirulina Detox ones! (I am an affiliate)
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Pique Tea: I’m a huge proponent of chemical free natural herbal teas. Pique Teas support gut health, fasting, help me feel calm, and taste delicious. (I am an affiliate)

Fora brand: How high is your sugar (glucose) or do you ever go into Ketosis for fat loss? This is what I use personally and with my patients. (I am an affiliate) 
FORA 6 Connect Blood Glucose & Blood Ketone Monitoring system
Forehead Thermometer
Pulse Oximeter
Blood pressure cuff
Glucose monitoring
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Proov progesterone pee sticks: Problems with ovulation can make it difficult to conceive, but tracking your progesterone levels easily from the comfort of your home can help confirm a successful ovulation has occurred. (I am an affiliate)

Thrive Market: My favorite way to get groceries and other clean products delivered straight to my door. (No affiliation)
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Pristine Hydro: Reverse Osmosis Water that is remineralized and doesn’t sit in plastic that goes under your sink? I have tested every company out there and this is the best out there, trust me! I have one under my kitchen sink (I am an affiliate)

Branch Basics: What do I clean my house with and love because they are bleach and toxin free? You will love how easy it is to make your own home cleaning supplies that smell delicious and last forever! (I am an affiliate)
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DoTERRA: In terms of essential oils, Doterra is a step above the rest. I use essential oils to help maintain a healthy respiratory system, promote digestion, and reduce skin imperfections. I love them because it’s never a generic solution, rather I get to tailor them to my specific needs.

Green Pan: The only pans you’ll ever want to cook with! These ceramic non-stick pans are made with a clean, non-stick coating rather than the toxic coatings most companies use. Plus, they’re made of upcycled stainless steel and aluminum. It’s a win for you and for the planet!

Omega Juicer: These are the best juicers! I love getting my nutrients in this way because I get to pick what’s going into each juice. Skip the spendy juices from the store and start your day off with a fresh juice from the comfort of your home.

Modelmeals: Clean meals that aren’t frozen and whole30 approved delivered to your door? When I’m on the go, I love grabbing one from my fridge and know I’m getting a nutrient dense meal without plastic and chemicals. (no affiliation)

Greenchef: I love my organic healthy delicious meals to arrive for me to take 20 min to make them with my partner or the kids. I have tried every single similar service out there and green chef’s quality and recipes are the best. But mainly the fact that they use organic meats and ingredients is what makes them stand apart. (I am an affiliate)
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Researched Nutritionals: Researched and quality supplement line of products that are very unique and work! I have been using them with thousands of my patients. These are only sold through a doctor’s office and available through a practitioner and not sold online! (I am an affiliate)
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RiseWell: Nontoxic Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste

RiseWell: Nontoxic Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste